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Welcome to our backyard, welcome to Arizona, welcome to Yak N Sup. We invite you to experience the beauty of Arizona with us! As fun guides, we are excited to lead you through one of the most magnificent lakes in the Salt River Canyon. Prepare to be amazed as we kayak or paddleboard through the towering Canyon walls of Canyon Lake, treating you to breathtaking views along the way.
Whether you prefer to explore the serene non-motorized area within Boulder and Tortilla Creek or venture upstream through the main canyon, we have the perfect itinerary for you. Our experienced guides will ensure your journey is both safe and unforgettable.

Ready to embark on your adventure? Book online today and choose the kayak or paddleboard tour that suits your preferences. Let Yak N Sup be your guide and show you the way!

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Enjoy a informational soul pleasing guided tour at Canyon Lake in non-motorized paddle territory. During your outing you’ll witness some of the best views Apache Junction, Arizona has to offer. Tortilla Creek and La Barge Cove are only accessible by kayak or paddleboard so you don’t have to worry about jet skis and boats hogging the water. Listen to the breeze sing through the trees while paddling through majestic canyon walls as our guides fill you in on the Sonoran desert and our beautiful Canyon Lake fun facts. We hope that after your trip you will have a new appreciation for the desert and environment.

canyon Lake mormon Flat dam kayaking
DAM TOURS (3 Hours)

Spend a few hours enjoying the breath taking views of Canyon Lake on your way to witness Mormon Flat Dam. Our experienced guides will educate you about Canyon Lake, Mormon Flat Dam, and the Sonoran desert. Prepare to be blown away by Canyon Lake’s beauty as we show you why Canyon Lake is our favorite lake to paddleboard or kayak and why everyone in the Phoenix-Mesa-Apache Junction loves this lake with all of our hearts!

yak n sup full moon tours


Beat the heat in the summer with Yak N Sup during our full moon night paddles. Temps on the water are usually about 10 degrees cooler then in the concrete jungle of Phoenix so we head to Canyon Lake after hours to enjoy peace, quiet and lower temps. 


Witness the reflection of the stars, the moon, the mountains and the Saguaro cacti on the flat glass like water at Canyon Lake, Arizona. Let the moon kiss your skin and illuminate the lake like you’ve never seen.


Canyon Lake in the night time is a whole different vibe and we can’t wait to show you!